Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Phuket Trip

On Feb 12, we have opportunity to go abroad for the 1st time, and the country we choose is Thailand. Phuket exactly the destination that we'll visit, the most southern island in Thailand.

The planning is too short i think (rather than japan trip), because we only have 1 month for the preparation.

Okay, first for the air carrier we choose Air Asia. Because we only have 3 days and flight schedule from AA only 2 times in a week that cannot meet our plan, so we must find another flight schedule or rute but still with low budget.

Cling.. we got the alternative, to maximize our 3 days trip in Phuket, we gonna take late night flight to KL and stay there till morning then get the first flight to Phuket, hahaha 1 problem solved. For return flight, we already got direct flight to Jakarta, last flight of course.

Second, choose a hotel. Hmm, there's a lot choice of hotel there, but we choose based by the location we wanna go. The most people choose is Patong, because Patong is the most favorite place, from there we can go anywhere and if we only stay there, there's a lot spot to be visited, eq : Patong beach, JunCeylon Mall, Phuket FantaSea, Simon cabaret, etc

There's a lot of website to find a hotel in Phuket, but we choose this 3 website to search hotel based on your budget:
3., etc
We choose booking from and our choice goes to APK Hotel, Patong.

Now the itenary :

Day 0 :
- Take last flight to KL
- Stay in LCCT till morning :)

Day 1 (Big Buddha, Chalong Temple, Simon Cabaret) :
- Take first flight to Phuket
- Get a map and tour package that offers in the airport (From here we got Phi Phi island tour, James Bond island tour, Simon cabaret show and free airport to hotel transport)
- Check-in and get a shower
- Read the map and start rent a motor cycle.
- 1st destination is Phuket Big Buddha
- 2nd destination is Chalong Temple, not far from Big Buddha
- 3rd destination is watching Simon Cabaret.
- Go around Patong beach using motorcycle and gets tatoo and bikini for tomorrow :p

Day 2 (Phi Phi Island tour) :
- Tour man pick up us from hotel and we're late, hahaha.. (You two APK APK late.. )
- Go to harbor and start the trip using big boat.
- First stop is Maya bay, all guest are pleased to swimming here.
- From Maya bay to Phi Phi we passed the pirate cave.
- Second stop is Phi Phi Island, here we have a lunch, shopping, swimming or other beach sport.
- Back to harbor and pick up back to hotel.
- After get a shower, we go to Patong beach by foot, visit Bangla Road, having a dinner, shopping and sit in the sea sand, buy some snack to accompanied us.

Day 3 (James Bond Island tour) :
- Checkout from hotel and have a breakfast first.
- Tour man pick up from hotel and no more late.
- We have a long trip to the harbor, passing airport and go to the north of the island.
- Start the trip using boat that typical for the journey, the top deck of the boat is use for passenger and bottom deck is for kitchen and carrier canoes.
- The guide starting explain the trip using map, and our first stop is James Bond Island
- In this island we can see the stone in the middle of the sea, cave that used for James Bond shooting film, shopping, take a photo and take a short "thai' boat trip a long the island.
- Next stop is, the island that we're not remembered the name for canoeing. Because we must queue to get there, the guide allow us to canoeing around the boat while waiting our turn to get in the island.
- This is the great part of the trip, canoeing to the cave of the island. With the skilled canoe man on each canoe, they paddle through the cave or coral even we must supine our position because the cave is too small and dark. But after past the cave, beautiful view in front of us, the water a little warm, wow amazing..
- Next stop, another island for cave canoeing. Same as previous island, but the cave more deep and dark.
- Back to harbor and the tour man drive us to airport.
- Take last flight from Phuket to Jakarta, good bye..

The Big Buddha

Chalong Temple

Simon Cabaret

Maya Bay

Phi Phi Island

Bangla road, Patong Beach

Patong Snacks

James Bond Tour Guide

James Bond Island

James Bond Cave

Lunch On The Boat

Cave Canoeing

The Cave

Inside The Cave

Three Inside The Cave

Our Canoe Man